Is Psychoanalysis Still a Psychology? A Question to My Lacanian Friends.

Is psychoanalysis still a psychology?  How is it not?:

“psychology, in essentially arising out of Christian thinking, is of one and the same metaphysical origin as modern historiography and technology, and is only today entering upon the path toward unfolding its historical determination and toward becoming that which, at its very core, it is: namely, psychotechnics” (Heidegger, Heraclitus 215).

How do we turn that around?  According to Heraclitus, the limits of the soul (psiché) are unreachable since the soul, as breath, as drawing in and drawing out, and as drawing out in drawing in, and viceversa, connects to being in its profundity–outo bathin logon exei (Fragment 45).  Being fore-gathers (versammelt) and the psiché fore-gathers, and this not as anthropomorphism, rather as the originary relation of the human to life. So liberating the soul from its metaphysical capture and restituting its connection to the ontological difference–could that approach the Lacanian analysis?

As a break from psychotechnics?  (Isn’t psychotechnics what Lacan meant by ego-psychology?  Americanism.).

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