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“I would call that thought of ‘living’ that remains hidden and which we see emerge only in a Rousseau or a Montaigne as infra-philosophical. Infra does not mean an inferior level but what lies upstream and arises from what is implicit. Infra therefore signals towards what philosophy conceals, on which it constructs (in order to conceive of ‘Being’ or ‘true life’) but upon which it still depends as on a deposit or territory in which it takes root (according to the old metaphor of the ‘tree’ of philosophy). This ground into which its roots go thrusting is not for all that one of mystery or religion–the ‘tacit’ is not the ‘ineffable.’ Classical philosophy has not had a more cherished desire, we know, than to ‘found itself,’ therefore from itself, therefore in placing itself ‘first,’ and, consequently, of failing to appreciate this infra (of ‘living’). So it is high time for us to realize that it can no longer delude itself with this illusion.” (François Jullien, The Philosophy of Living, Michael Richardson and Krzysztof Fijalkowski translators, London: Seagull, 2016, 178)

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